My story

About the brand

There’s really just one goal at Corporate Geek, and that’s to  navigate the corporate world without losing your wits.

What Was

In the past decade, I’ve had my fair share of stumbles (some more serious than others) with no guidance or direction.  The corporate space is a jungle, but it is more than possible to make it yours. What I share here are no expert opinions or theories, just experiences from the front line that can help you steer clear of the stress that so frequently (and so unnecessarily) comes with corporate careers.

 What Is

Over 52% of employees are unhappy at work. And while words of encouragement and positive thinking may help for a while, they never seem to solve any problems.  Only practical knowledge will ultimately help you to crush it at work and at life.

 What Can Be

There’s guidance to be found in these experiences. I’m passing on to you the corporate wisdom I didn’t have at the time I needed it most. My hope is that you take the good, circumvent the bad, and have confidence in your ability to take charge of anything that life throws at you.

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